Technology and human capital are the two Euromep highlights that together create the company’s strength, making it possible to fulfill products and services with a high added value.

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Just as a spark ignites a new flame, from the union of two entrepreneur friends, in 1998, Euromep was born. The idea came from the desire to seize an opportunity offered by the industry in which the two founders have been working for more than two decades.

In 2009 Sonia enters the company to work alongside Livio and Carlo, bringing her expertise in marketing and sales, together with creativity and research in the fashion and luxury industry. A rare harmony and a complete mutual trust between the partners allowed the company to start a new course, following a more modern concept of business management.

“Entrepreneurship is to see unexplored opportunities, to be the precursors of a new trend, to be the first to enter a new niche”.

The goal is to diversify, by making the most of the complementary skills which allow us to have a true knowledge of the difficulties that a goldsmith company deal with everyday.

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“Doing business is to be able to provide an answer to the problems of clients. It means making those problems our own and finding solutions that allow us to keep our promises”

This is possible if one has an in-depth knowledge of the industry, but only with the purpose of transforming it and to create what was missing.


Every critical issue represents a challenge, an opportunity to organize every resource and implement a change. The values that guide us in the way we operate remain untouched, what we look for are the solutions that allow us to manage resources in a new way.

At every turning point we took the chance to apply internal modifications, sometimes radically, and that allowed an agile structure like ours to best respond to the mutated business context.

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