The detail that makes the difference in every jewel. A selection of different jewelry clasps types that comes not only from the model making and production experiences but also from the refined stylistic awareness with which we interpret our clients’ taste.


Made through micro casting, we want our clasps to be designed with ambitious creativity. This way we create a selection of models and shapes that follow fashion trends and clients’ requirements.


Hooks and lobster claws ready to be mounted on strings of pearls, coral, precious and semi-precious stones, on necklaces or bracelets. Available to complement the collections of any brand.


Tube clasps are welded on chains or glued to leather cords. Our exclusive models are available to jewellery manufacturers for their trendy creations.


Distinctive decorative elements, they adjust the length of necklaces, bracelets. Made through micro casting with double hole and internal silicone, they are applied to the most various types of chains


Earrings were born from the very concept of clasps and were initially designed to complete a set of jewels. From there they have been developed to eventually become jewels of their own, in combination with pearls and diamonds.

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