It’s while working on projects that require a high level of customization that the artisanal quality truly comes to life, because it rediscovers its original purpose. Input from clients can even be simple hints; guidelines that are interpreted into a design that finally becomes an exclusive model for an elegant piece of jewellery, a collector’s item that grows in value precisely for its uniqueness.

As in the case of industrialized production, responsiveness makes the difference here as well. The technologies that we use in design and in communications allow us to have prompt exchanges of information with the clients, and as a result projects are completed in a very short time.

To rely on us means to find a dedicated partner to entrust with the creation of a distinguished piece of jewellery. We aim to offer a complete service that covers every aspect of the process, from the selection of the raw material, to the prototyping and production.

Chiusure per Gioielli


Marketing, style research and design go through the dexterity of the modelers, who are the real heart of the company and expression of an entrepreneurial culture that makes our territory one like no other. A “know-how” that almost becomes art and gives life to exclusive creations that are increasingly appreciated worldwide for the creativity, attention to detail and the high-quality finishing.

Chiusure per Gioielli


Respecting international service standards and guaranteeing complete quality, means to be a qualified partner for global brands.

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