At Euromep we feel part of a community that aims to make every human activity sustainable, so that the entire production chain develops in a way that respects people and the environment.

We firmly believe in the principles of sustainability as a key feature of any business.


Certification is the bridge between standards and impact: it helps us transform management practices into measurable actions. The RJC Code of practices is the only industry standard that covers the entire jewellery and watch supply chain.

Achieving RJC Certified Member status is an important milestone in the journey towards sustainability. It demonstrates a commitment to responsible jewellery making and promotes confidence in the jewellery industry supply chain.


RJC Chain of Custody certification gives our customers and suppliers the assurance they need on how our products and materials have been sourced, traced and processed through the supply chain.

COC certification provides assurance of the integrity of products and materials, allowing us to trace the history from mine to retail.