The management skills go beyond the standard procedures and are optimized by the deep personal relationship of the partners , by their constant interaction and mutual esteem which is the base of a thirty-year-old personal and entrepreneurial story.


The three partners bring into Euromep specific and complementary proficiencies, thus creating a complete cycle that starts from Research & Development, moves on to marketing and design research, and ends with production; from Sales and technological innovation, to a financial and administrative management that relies on internal resources to provide management independence.


"Quality has to be an across-the-board principle which involves every area and every process of the company"

Quality and innovation are essential: there is innovation in design, as it is intuitively understandable, but also in the Research & Development area.

Production adapts to the market’s demand, whose trends we interpret in order to anticipate any change and therefore be prepared for new challenges. While changes can be quick, it is important to keep the highest standards of our service, which has to comply to the expectations of clients that are constantly evolving. 

The current challenge is represented by weight. The market is heading towards a production of light-weight jewels in order to expand the target audience: our answer is based on a delicate research work that allows us to maintain our quality standards in production and finishing while responding to the new requirements of our clients.


"People come first, then the technology"

Ours is a 75% manual profession. The modelers who work with us inherited an artisanal know-how passed on through generations, born from a network of enterprises that have always expressed the excellence of the sector.

The company constantly puts efforts to create design, through a management that invests in advanced machinery, equipment and technologies, essential for expressing a contemporary concept of prototyping and model making. This is the only way true quality can be present throughout all operations, from styling to production, to the know-how provided by the employees.

This is why we can speak about total quality, the true added value that we can give to our clients. lt is possible if one has an in-depth knowledge of the industry, but only with the purpose of transforming it and to create what was missing.l settore.


"Time and distance are relative: to communicate means to meet, no matter what tools we use"

The time that goes between the idea, the creative design, the prototype sample and the final production has been reduced drastically in recent years. Our response is immediate, but without making any concession to the precision of our work.

This combination of timing and quality allows Euromep to be a unique player in the market, and an increasingly sought-after partner by international clients. In thirty years of entrepreneurial history, we developed the ability to steer through turbulent times, but our main strength resides in the values of doing business ethically. We kept an agile company structure that allows us to continuously transform to better adapt to the market.

We have always promoted innovation, even when it comes to customer service. Today we see new perspectives, particularly those related to the online market.


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