Elios Onlus

ELIOS ONLUS, founded by various entrepreneurs of different industries in the “Pedemontana Veneta” region, is an organization aimed at realizing healthcare projects with the cooperation of the best doctors and medical facilities of the territory. It’s an independent, non-profit, non-political, laical organization with legal status that operates in parallel with public organizations. It is self-financed with membership fees, donations, charitable bequests and private contributions.

ur vision of doing business is to actively contribute to the well-being of the community where the company operates. As a result, in 2017 ELIOS Onlus was born, with Livio Serradura as President. lt’s an organization that supports and promotes healthcare projects, following the needs of the local territory.

We embraced the concept of giving back to the community part of the wealth that we create here, bringing it to a higher level as well: in fact, the fundraising efforts do not only involve our company, but includes groups of entrepreneurs in a vast area.

Over the first tour years more than 2 million euros have been collected and invested in diagnostic and reporting equipment tor local hospitals. ln 2020 in addition to the regular fundraising among the participating companies, a more wide-ranging operation involved privates and firms to help during the COVID-19 emergency for a final result of around 500.000,00 Euros of further donations.

INFO: https://www.eliosonlus.org

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